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Auditions available ONLY on Casting Call Club


WARNING: This Superhero Project is Rated MA [18+ May contain strong language, sexual content and sensitive subjects] 


#1. You have to have a clear high quality microphone. (No low quality microphones please)

#2. No Background noises! (also no bumps, static, or hums, or air hissing noises in the background) This is why you need a Pop Filter which also applies to Rule #3.

#3. You have to have a Pop Filter for your mic. (It really helps with suppressing Microphone bumps, when-ever you do P's or B's or when you Emphasize certain words).

#4. Stay in Character and put a lot of energy into your role and acting. (In other words put yourself into the Character's shoes, BE the character) 

#5. Must be fluent in English and proficient in Spanish (Puerto-Rican Spanish, Mexican, etc) if auditioning for the following characters:

  • Andres Santos
  • Tony Rico
  • Angelina Estevez
  • Chimera
  • Careta

[More TBA] 


#6. You'll get a chance to make one redo, So if your first audition wasn't quite what we had in mind. And/or if you feel like you want to try again on your 1st audition and realized you could've done a better job, Then we'll give you a 2nd chance to prove yourself and give you constructive feedback of what you need to do to improve.

7. Ad-libbing is optional 


Andres Santos was raised by an abusive father who was obsessed with the dark arts (alchemy based). When his father died, Andres goes through the items around the house, that he just inherited, and finds an ornate looking jar that has a sticky note that says, “Nunca toques” (never open) So of course, Andres opens the jar and bonds with a diablo de fuego (Fire Devil) which gives him the power to turn into Dr. Flame.

Andres gets started as a failed superhero in Puerto Rico before getting a letter from a state defense corps for an interview in San Diego, California. Andres arrives to California only to find out that he is being hired to be part of this new superhero program as part of the State Defense Corps as an iconic spokesman. Originally, Andres declines offer due to selfish and prideful reason… until he gets offered a luxury apartment, an appearance salary, as well as the superhero license to make it legal. Andres then agrees wholeheartedly. All of this, however, under the condition that Angelina Estevez aka Lion Girl, which turns out to be a long time childhood friend of Andres, trains him on how to be a proper superhero.

Tony Rico steps in to San Diego illegally in order to become a superhero like the famous Dr. Flame. Tony Rico, however, found out rather quickly that Dr. Flame was not at all what was advertised. Though, becomes more fascinated and infatuated by Lion Girl. Creating the iconic team.

Created by the same team that brought you "The Spectre: Protector of Memphis" and "The Stupid Reviews" , comes a Story of 3 Latino superheroes that are coming to their own in a world slowly losing faith in heroes when Villains are coming back. Its is an adult action/adventure comedy featuring Superheroes, romance, and social commentary. 

Deadline: Oct. 22nd 2019




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